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working principle of high-efficiency wet mixing granulator
almost 2 years ago

The high-efficiency wet-process mixing granulator commonly used in the market at present. It is mainly composed of cone-shaped hopper, stirring paddle, granulating knife, feeding device, liquid feeding device, discharging and control system and auxiliary systems such as air-filling and sealing, water-filled cleaning, and jacket water cooling.

The whole working process of the high-efficiency pharmaceutical powder mixer granulator is composed of two processes of mixing and granulating.


(1) Powdery materials such as fine powder of Chinese medicinal materials or dry extract powder of extracts enter the material pot from the top of the conical hopper. After the hopper is closed, under the stirring of the mixing paddle, the powder material rotates up and down in the container. At the same time, the material is moved along the direction of the tapered wall by the centrifugal force of the stirring paddle to form a semi-fluid and efficient mixing state, and the material is dispersed by collision to achieve sufficient mixing. During granulation, due to the injection of binder (syrup, liquid extract and other fluids), the powder is gradually wetted, and the properties of the material change, which strengthens the extrusion, friction, and kneading of the material by the blade and the barrel wall. Under the action of the agent, a liquid bridge is gradually formed, and the material is gradually transformed into a loose soft material.


(2) When these soft materials with agglomerated structure pass through the cutting blade, they are cut and crushed by the high-speed rotating cutting blade. The soft materials are cut into small and uniform particles in a semi-fluid state, realizing the mutual transformation of materials. Therefore, these soft materials are not granulated by forced extrusion. Then, the discharge door is opened, and the wet particles push the discharge hopper under the action of the centrifugal force of the blade.


Functional holding points:


(1) The structure of the high-efficiency wet mixing granulator adopts the inverted cone granulation one-pot technology and the special-shaped mixing paddle and cutting knife to make the material roll evenly and ensure that the granulated product is more uniform;


(2) The bottom of the tank is an interlayer with a built-in water-cooling circulation system. The constant temperature performance is better than the general air-cooling system, which improves the quality of the particles;


(3) Both the stirring blade and the cutting knife adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which is easy to control the particle size to meet the diversity of medicine technology;


(4) Use compressed air to seal the drive shaft, which eliminates the phenomenon of dust adhesion; it can be switched to purified water when washing, and it can be automatically washed; with a blade lifting system, it is beneficial to the cleaning of the blades and the pot body;


(5) The lid of the pot is automatically lifted, and the discharge port is matched with the drying equipment. The large model has its own escalator for easy operation. The discharge port is arc-shaped to prevent dead ends;


(6) In principle, the granulation is sparse, the granulation is close to the foot shape, and the fluidity is good;


(7) Compared with the traditional process, the adhesive weight is reduced by up to 25%, so the drying time can be shortened;


(8) The control adopts programmable control, which can be operated automatically or manually, which is convenient to explore the process parameters and processes, and is easy to operate. Adjust the time controller according to the process arrangement, dry mixing 2 minutes each time, granulation 1~4 min, the mixing and granulation process can be completed in one cycle, and the efficiency is 4~5 times higher than the traditional process;


(9) As the dry mixing, wet mixing, and granulation are completed in the same closed container, the process is reduced, which is also in line with GHP;


(10) In terms of safety, the entire operation has strict safety protection measures. It operates in a closed container and is equipped with a safety interlock device. When the container lid is opened, the power supply is automatically cut off.

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